It is okay to eat eggs every day? 5 things to know


Lot of white eggs in a bowl

Eggs are both tasty and versatile. With eggs, you’ll craft everything from a zesty breakfast to a fast lunch to a filling dinner.

It seems that some interesting things happen to your body once you eat eggs every day. And you would possibly be surprised at how a daily egg diet can cause you to feel happier and healthier

Here are eight things that happen to your body once you eat eggs every day.

Eggs strengthen your system

Everyone knows the old saying that “an apple each day keeps the doctor away.” But what if a couple of eggs could do an equivalent trick?

First of all, eggs are an excellent source of the minerals zinc and selenium. Together, these minerals help to spice up your immunity to a good sort of potential illness.

Secondly, eggs provide an excellent source of vitamin D. This vitamin helps you avoid getting sick within the first place. And if you are doing get sick, this same vitamin helps speed up your recovery.

Throw in even more vitamins (like A and B-12), and you’ll see why eggs assist you to debar illness.

Eggs can help reduce anxiety
Let’s be honest: it’s a very stressful world out there. albeit you didn’t have anxiety as a toddler, you’re likely to develop anxiety later in life. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that eggs can help reduce that anxiety! Eggs are a solid source of lysine. In some studies, lysine was helpful in reducing both acute stress and longer-term anxiety. Lysine also helps in other ways. for instance, it can lower vital signs and even improve your digestion!

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