How to gain weight In a healthy way


  • Eat least 5-6 healthy meals a day

Make sure that your meals are spread across the day. Eating too much at once can cause indigestion. The advice from nutrition experts is that underweight people must gain an additional 300-500 calories from their meals. This is the most follow weight gain tip.

  • Weight train thrice a week

Weight training helps increase the growth of muscles. Keep increasing the weight with which you train over a period of time to achieve success faster.

  • Increase Protein Intake

Eat protein-rich food like Meat, Cheese, and Eggs to up your weighing scale.

  • Increase consumption of food rich in calories

Peanut butter, Energy bars, Oil, Banana, etc. have good calories. However, do not overdo it as it is important to gain weight in a healthy manner. Consumption of fat helps to add extra calories. But try as much as possible to use healthier fat options like Olive oil, Avocados, Butter from organic sources, Egg Yolks to name a few.

  • Increase your fluid intake

You may not be able to meet the extra 300-500 calories requirements from eating solid food alone. Therefore, you need to rely on milk, milkshakes, protein shakes, etc. to meet the additional calorie requirements.

  • Eat more and more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help increase calories in a healthy manner. Make them a good part of your diet.

  • Try to eat fast

This has a psychological base that as you eat fast it takes more time to feel satiated. So be quick as you eat and make room for more!

  • Take Dietary Supplements

Nutritional deficiency may at times cause a person to be underweight. However, you must take dietary supplements only after consultation with your doctor or nutritionist.

  • Be patient

Be patient and focused on your goals for gaining weight. Eat right and ensure the right amount of physical activity. After every exercise, do give yourself time to recover. Slowly, results will show.

  • Believe in yourself

Don’t get disillusioned if results don’t show up quickly. A positive mind goes a long way toward achieving the desired state. Believe that you will transform your body eventually with correct efforts. Believing in yourself is one of the best weight gain tips anyone can offer you.

Some Dietary pattern and Food Selection tips:


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