How to lose belly fat? Belly fat burning steps


(2) Fill half your plate with veggies.

This is a simple rule. Every time you sit down to eat, fill half the plate with vegetables. Which one? Any will do, so long as you like it. The only exception is the potato family as they tend to be high in carbs. Any other veggies are ok.

This strategy will make sure you fill yourself with healthy food that gives you a lot of nutrients, will keep you full because of the water and fiber in the veggies and you’ll find that it slows down your meal because veggies need a fair bit of chewing. Here’s a visual that should help:

(3) Eat veggies and protein first, carbs after.

Put veggies on your plate first, then put protein. The last thing on your plate should be carbs (like rice, roti, tortilla, pita bread, etc).

Why does this work? Because you are putting the most nutritious foods first and leaving the worst (nutrient-wise) for last. Now, remember that it’s not bad to eat carbs, it’s just that we tend to eat too much and then not enough of veggies and protein. By following this strategy, we fix that.

If you want to skip the carbs, that’s perfectly ok.

(4) Have a glass of water before the meal.

This is a great tactic to use before each meal. By doing this, you’ll be a little bit full before starting to eat. So when you eat, you will not be starving and choose silly foods. You’ll make better decisions and will also not be able to stuff yourself.

And no – this will not dilute stomach acid. Given the acid levels in your stomach, you will need more than 20 liters of water to dilute your stomach acid to a point where it interferes with digestion.


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