Some psychological hacks to know if someone likes you


1. Find out if someone likes you

To find out if someone likes you, there are Some psychological hacks to do this, simply pick a word as they talk. Every time they say that word, smile, and nod. If the person does like you, they will start using this word a lot more each time they talk to you.

2. If you think someone doesn’t like you

If you think someone may not like you, then ask them a small, very simple favor, like borrowing a pen or a stapler. Just make sure you return it. Little favors build up to them thinking that you may not be so bad.

3. How to fake being a good listener

If you haven’t really been paying attention, then simply paraphrase something that they say at the end of their part of the conversation and agree. You’ll look like you were listening to the whole time. Just don’t do it too often, you may get caught!

4. Make a great first impression

When meeting someone for the first time, make sure your hands are warm but not sweaty. Warm hands make a friendly impression, whereas cold hands are unpleasant and can make a bad impression.


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