Why do dead skin cells rub off? Short answer


Your entire body is literally covered in dead skin cells. When cells die, if they’re not removed, they can lead to other problems such as hair loss, breakouts, and more. Read more about dead skin cells.

1. Scalp

If it’s on your head, while you shampoo, go in on your scalp and scratch away! This will lift dead flakes, which in turn will prevent dandruff and simulation circulation in the hair follicles. This, in turn, will reduce hair loss (you heard me!)

2. Face

Use a gritty scrub. This will lift dead skin cells away and make room for the healthy ones underneath. Don’t overdo on the scrub though, otherwise, you might scar your face accidentally. Apply a firm scrub, but don’t overdo it. Check out how to use aloe vera daily to moisturize your skin.

After a good soak, you’ve loosened the dead cells, which do need to come off or your skin will be all flaky and crusty. Skin is always replenishing its top layers, so the skin must be shed.

Not clear if you are toweling it all off or doing so while bathing. If you meant when drying off, I’d suggest using a loofah sponge or a back brush while in the shower or bath to scrub some loose there. Be sure to follow with a good lotion once you’re dry.


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